Gamer Girlfriend & Livestream! – Hentai Manga Review

Is having a gamer girlfriend all it’s cracked up to be? You can guess the answer since we’re talking about hentai, here, but let’s explore the question in our review of Gamer Girlfriend & Livestream! by Wamusato Haru!

After coming home from a long day at work, Tomikazu finds his girlfriend Momoko immersed in a video game. Momoko doesn’t notice him for a while, and Tomikazu internally laments that she’s been so absorbed in her video games since she lost her job a month ago that they rarely had sex! Tomikazu stays up late at night, determined to get it on with his girlfriend, but after waiting for hours, Momoko still hasn’t come to bed. Going out to investigate, Tomikazu discovers his girlfriend livestreaming in the nude! It turns out that she’s been using an adult live chat to get some income while she’s jobless and she really seems into it! Determined, Tomikazu jumps in with a little brother/sister roleplay after he finds out her viewers think he’s her little brother! Both of them get it on in front of the camera for everyone to watch and both Tomikazu and Momoko find out that they both have a voyeur side to them!

This manga is chock full of so many great sex scenes, it’s hard to list them all! Momoko is the definition of thicc with luscious curves and amazing oppai for days. To top it off, she has an adorable pair of fangs and a beautiful disheveled look to her that’s hard to resist. Even if you’re not into the brother/sister roleplay, there’s enough amazing art and great scenes to carry you through, especially with the knowledge that they aren’t actually brother and sister! Tomikazu’s determination to not let Momoko’s new hobby get between them is also heartwarming to see – the took a much different, happier, path than expected given the circumstances!

If you like thicc gamer hentai ladies, this is the hentai for you! Even if not, give Gamer Girlfriend & Livestream! a read with a Fakku premium subscription and you’ll likely find yourself with a new appreciation for them!

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