FUYA – Hentai Artist Spotlight

Hello and welcome to another Hentai Artist Spotlight! In the spirit of our Portable Hentai series, we came across FUYA -an artist that has a penchant for creating a seemingless endless pile of amazing hentai for characters from portable games! While that’s not nearly all that FUYA makes, their art is absolutely gorgeous and capture the spirit of each character they create. They also pay special attention to the unique attributes of the characters; few artists, for example, make the Draph race from Granblue Fantasy as small as they’re supposed to be, so it’s nice to see all of the attention to detail FUYA has!

After checking out some of our favorites below, be sure to visit their Pixiv page for more great art and their Patreon page if you want to contribute to the artist!

Check out FUYA on Pixiv!

Check out FUYA on Patreon!



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