Folklore ♥ – Hentai Manga Review

A forgotten promise is brought up on Halloween in Folklore ♥ by Cuvie!

When you throw one part forgotten promise, one part Halloween, and one part twin-tailed beauty into a cauldron and give it a stir, you get Folklore ♥! Our unnamed protagonist is relaxing at home on Halloween when a beautiful woman in a cute devil maid outfit shows up at his doorstep and invites herself in! This woman, Hina, used to hang out with him while her mother was away and they’d play video games together. He’d always thought she thought of him as more of a brother, but she quickly makes her motives known by offering to repay his kindness in the past with something sweet and fiendish – her body! After some foreplay the two spend the rest of Halloween exploring each other’s bodies in the naughtiest of ways.

Folklore ♥ has a cute story wrapped up with some great sex scenes. Hina is really cute in her Halloween outfit, and the heart tattoo on her waist is a really nice touch. On top of it, the collar and corset she keeps on during the sex scenes is absolutely enticing; Hina really looks like the class girl next door that went out on a limb and wears something more risque. The setup goes just long enough to get you really invested in the sex scenes, and the only bad thing about the hentai is it just makes you want more! 

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