Faye Valentine – Rule 34

It was neck and neck in this week’s rule 34 vote! With this many badass women in one vote how could it not be such a close race? One winner prevailed by 6% and that is the lovely Faye Valentine. It is such good timing as well because this is the 20th anniversary of Cowboy Bebop! Let’s celebrate our love for the series with a good fap to one of the hottest women in the history of anime, Faye! 

Artist: ArtOfCarmen


Artist: Rei39


Artist: Svenner


Artist: Cicada Killer


Artist: Tenzen


Artist: Pinoytoons


Artist: Oop


Artist: Sinner


Artist: Dandonfuga


Artist: Akira


If you haven’t watched Cowboy Bebop yet or you want to re-live the magic you stream it on Funimaiton now! Click here to sign up!!

Next week things are getting a little blue with our blue ladies poll! Vote below on Twitter for your favorite blue woman. 

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