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Last time we played it safe, nothing too crazy besides monster girls fucking and lets be honest it was fucking sexy. This time we’ll be walking a little bit further into the shadow realm. Don’t be scared, you can hold you cock in one hand and hold my hand in the other. Let’s begin shall we?

For this review we’ll be talking about a certain tag called Netorare or NTR for short. What is an NTR you might be asking yourself? It’s cheating! Another word for it may be cuckolded, but all in all its cheating. I have a very big… and I mean big love/hate relationship with NTR. It just makes me feel really sour sometimes after I’m done. When you finish it makes you think who’s really the crazy one? Is it the hentai or you for fapping to such a story?

Sagurare Otome!

My first title of the night is Sagurare Otome.

Most NTR’s start off with a couple. Yes they’re in love. It seems like everything is gonna be all right but it’s never going to be all right. Why? Because it’s tagged NTR!

So, this story starts off with Mio. She’s engaged and will be soon wedded off to a nice man. The catch is she works at a really sketchy job. She’s a body to body masseuse. We see that it’s her last day of the course and it so happens her last customer really wants to fuck her. But she refuses! So nothing happens. Really, I mean it! He was able to take some pictures but I was expecting a rape scene that just didn’t happen. All through watching this I’m in my fap position and a little I’m scared cause I don’t know what is to come.

It’s not until later on that she moves in with her husband and they start off with some foreplay. Unfortunately it into a really vanilla scene. He gets called into work so they stop. Then he goes to work and drinks after with a co-worker. Finally though, this is where stuff turns pretty dark!

When he gets home he also brings along his co-worker. The twist is Mio finds out that the co-worker was her last client! At the moment the husband walks into the home he takes a shower leaving the co-worker and Mio alone. Can you see where this is going yet?

The coworker immediately grabs Mio’s vagina and starts going to work. Ladies if a man grabs your vagina it’s your job to scream! Mio didn’t. Granted there was a hand over her mouth but she didn’t even fight back. Her light refusal shows the co-worker is definitely raping her but it shows that she ultimately is liking it. This is when I figured out that i’m sick in the head because i like that! It was so great I didn’t feel ashamed. I did feel sorry for the husband, but i really liked the sex.

This title brings us right to the edge but let me bring you even further with our next title.

Akebi no Hana: Maho

The second title for the night is Akebi no Hana: Maho.

Titles like these will probably make you re-think some things you do in life. Sometimes, some things aren’t so innocent. This title goes south really quick.

Naoki, our main character, comes back home from whatever he was doing for years to see his girlfriend that he left for said job. Before we see any fucking happen you see this guy standing by the light post outside of her apartment just for a quick moment. Then when he shows up his girlfriend is so excited to see him that she fucks him.

The sex begins and she’s so happy and he’s so happy and it just seems like a really happy moment. When they finish she wouldn’t let him cum inside her. He kind of brushes it off then leaves because Maho has to meet a certain friend. You may know who. It’s a certain friend that I mentioned earlier. This is when things get a little crazy.

Naoki gets a text from Maho’s old friend, who is coincidentally a neighbor of hers. The text consisted of a picture of Maho fucking a random dude. Of course Naoki doesn’t believe it! They end up sneaking up to her balcony to see her viciously riding this random dude. As he watches Maho doing the dirty, Naoki is getting sucked off from Maho’s old friend.

Now I don’t know how to feel. I didn’t know who to root for anymore. I felt empty. No matter how empty I was though I continued to fap and finish! Was i satisfied? It was hard to say. When you check it out you can let me know what you think.

Mesu Saga – Persona

For our last title for tonight let’s jump to Mesu Saga – Persona.

Before you start watching this title, get comfortable, grab a towel, and a bottle of water! You’re not going to stop! I guarantee you you’re going to fap a few times. The art is too good for only one round but it deserves many. Don’t worry though, the NTR tag is here but it won’t make you feel sour at the end of it. It’s going to make you realize something else entirely.

The Story starts off with Yumi. She’s a nice girl that ends up helping a friend out with some debt. I mean a lot of debt! It was so much money that she decided to return to her old job as a porn star. (You can see where this is going.) She’s conflicted and doesn’t know what to do. On the one hand she wants to help her friend, but on the other she also doesn’t want her husband to find out that she’s actually a really big slut that just can’t get enough of dicks.

She ends up deciding to film porn again. The role play while they film the porn is amazing because they know she’s married and are playing with that fact. They start saying thing like, What would happen if your husband finds out? What would he do to you? Would he beat you? We see that she’s into it and loves it.

Now the husband eventually finds out. I didn’t think this was going to happen because it’s an NTR. Most NTRs end with the male leaving without a word all hurt and empty, but in this one the husband violently fucks her. I’ve never have been so happy about an NTR before until this title.

Well, after the hateful fucking is over there is a twist my minions, and that twist is for you to find out.

So until next time, Happy Fapping~

~ Tuxedo D.

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