Illusion To Release VR Kanojo on Steam

*CORRECTION* When we originally posted this article we were miss informed in thinking FAKKU was releasing all of Illusions games in the US. That isn’t the case. Illusion will be releasing VR Kanojo in the states via Steam themselves. Sorry for the mix up!

Not long ago we reported that FAKKU was providing the West with a much anticipated release of Honey Select Unlimited with Japanese game studio/publisher Illusion. Illusion is back at it again with a game titled VR Kanojo which will be available on steam soon! VR Kanojo was originally released in Japan in early 2017 and now it is arriving overseas!

 Check out the trailer:

VR Kanojo AKA VR Girlfriend is essentially a girlfriend simulator. You meet a young Japanese woman named Sakura Yuuhi and you get to hang out in her room with her, choose her outfits, and even touch her. Hopefully not like this…

I haven’t played the Japanese version as I don’t have a VR set (I do have one on my wishlist tho… js… please send me one so I can have a VR girlfriend… ) so I’m not sure exactly what the gameplay is like. From what I can tell in walk throughs you basically hang out with Sakura and act like her boyfriend… or rather a magical set of floating hands. Then you do tasks to unlock things like sexy lingerie. and scenes in the bath. 

Like many naughty Steam games it looks like you can also get a nudity mod. (PRAISE!)  

That’s all we know about VR Kanojo for now but hopefully we will get to play it and review it for you sometime in the future. Look forward to it’s release very soon and add it to your Steam wishlist if you want an alert when it is available. It was originally slated for the end of March but it looks like it’s been in a bit of bind and has not been approved quite yet. The developers released an apology on their Steam page and promise the game is on the way soon!

Add VR Kanojo to your steam wishlist now! 

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