Fake Lay – Eroge Review

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started playing Fake Lay. In the description it says it’s a clicker and a dating sim but it didn’t quite look like a clicker in images. It would take me a little while to find out what kind of game this is because it would not load which is so frustrating!

First I got this blue screen with no music:

The skip button did not work either but after three reloads I finally got the game to load and the happy music chimed in and I was prompted to click the taxi to start. I clicked the taxi and got this:

I don’t use Chrome extensions as I mostly use Safari so this was super annoying to keep running into. After several more reloads I finally got into the game. 

You start out as a taxi driver and you are cruising for girls to pick up and film porn scenes in your back seat with. Think… Bang Bus. 



The basic goal of the game is to raise your affection levels with the girls so you can film more porn of them. You raise their affection levels by clicking their bodies and playing a mini game called sweet talk where you slash bad phrases and only let the sweet ones reach their mouths. To be honest the clicking mechanic is kind of useless and you’re better off just playing sweet talk because you get A LOT more hearts for playing that. The click function is great for when you collect most of the hearts with sweet talk and need a couple more to get to your goal. 

To advance you also need to do multiple other things like give them the correct gifts and publish the right kind of films. You record films passively using energy slots in a little dark studio and you have to manage when each one will record to meet the goal of each girl because you do not have enough energy slots to film them all. There is also a mechanic called fake it. I’m not sure exactly what they mean by it but each girl requires you to do different fake its. 

When you are in a fake it scenario you cannot manage the other girls which is a little disappointing as there is a lot to stay on top of in this game and a fake it scenario can last a bit. I imagine that is a tactic for pushing you to use premium currency. Speaking of premium currency there is an instance in the game where you must use it to speed up time 6 hours pretty early in the game which is super disappointing. I would have rather saved those gems for further down the line when I had more waiting to do. In any freemium game  I play I always experience a bit of frustration when they make you do this. As I’ve said before, I’m REALLY not into spending premium currency on time or energy and I’d rather spend it on content or vanity items. 

As you level up each girl and produce more porn you unlock new girls and make more money. Your money is generated via different structures which you also have to manage with your available energy slots. 

I kind of like the energy slot mechanic because it makes the gameplay a little more diverse and forces you to prioritize and strategize which adds to the experience and makes you feel as though you are accomplishing something. You unlock more and more energy as you level up the girls. Another nice function is you can manage the other girls while you are filming. 

When you fully seduce a girl (AKA fill that bar on the side) you get a sex scene and you can enter them in challenges and you unlock the films tab. The challenges is where you earn the mad money so I highly recommend getting in there! You can level up your girl by practicing and buying her sexy clothes. Once you do a challenge you do have to wait for a timer to run out before you can do your next one. To practice for challenges you also have to utilize your energy slots as you can see below on the energy bar.

Another clicker-like function the game has is a collect and reset function where you collect everything and start from scratch with more goodies so it becomes easier to unlock each girl. 

There are 19 girls to unlock which gives you a ton of content. The girls are pretty easy to unlock until you get to Geeky and boooooy does that girl want a lot! 

The rocky start aside I really enjoyed this game. It felt much faster moving than the last two games I reviewed Pocket Waifu and Bubble Date Mania. There is a lot more content to enjoy without waiting which I enjoy and the gameplay is really interesting. I highly recommend giving it a try! 

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