Evanyang59 – Artist Spotlight

Some of you may have noticed a certain stacked lady with some absolutely divine underboob in last week’s Portable Hentai featuring Girls Frontline. While reading some facts about the game posted to Reddit a couple of days ago, one of the facts about her official artist really stood out:

“13. The artist of PTRD is good at drawing boobs.”

As a lover of well-endowed women, it became my personal mission to determine the authenticity of this claim. A quick dive into the accounts of the artist, Evanyang59, determined that this fact is indeed 100% accurate.

Why take my word for it, though? Check out some of our favorite pieces of art from Evanyang59 below! Make sure to follow him on his online accounts below!

Evanyang59 – Twitter 

Evanyang59 – Pixiv 





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