Erza Scarlet – BONUS Rule 34 Round Up!

Hey sexy ladies and gents! 

This week we are cumming at you with a BONUS rule 34 post because…. extra hotness is always good! Am’I’right? 

Erza has scored second place in two polls so I think it’s high time we FINALLY give her some love! Especially with the sad news that both the Fairy Tail anime and manga are coming to an end. 

We will miss Erza but we can still bask in her sexy, sexy, sexy glory! I could not find artists for all of these so I linked to the source. If you are the artist please let us know and we will link to you!

Artist: Jiggly Girls




Source: Sankaku Complex


Source: Sankaku Complex


Artist:  Planeptune

Artist: DKIR


Source: Gelbooru


Artist: 酒たぬき@新刊委託中


Source: Gelbooru


Artist: にゃいと

Thank you for joining us for another rule 34 round up! Keep an eye on our Twitter to vote for more Rule 34 posts!


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