Elden Ring – Rule 34

Greetings, fellow maidenless Tarnished! Like Hentai Queen with Genshin Impact, my extended absence from the site was caused by video games. To be specific, I became hopelessly obsessed with From Software’s Elden Ring. I’ve been playing From Software games since Demon’s Souls and while I have a kinda love/hate relationship with the games (I love their worlds and lor but sometimes the difficulty gets to be a bit much), Elden Ring feels like From Software on a whole new level. Dropping the player in a large, open-world (a first for the developer), the game let you tackle dungeons and other activities in any order, making the game less about beating your head against a wall until it breaks.

While I could easily spend time doing a proper review of the game, I’m going to give you what you really want instead: hardcore cartoon pornography! Like any other media that captured the Internet’s interest, Elden Ring has become the source for a dearth of Rule 34 porn, most notably featuring characters Ranni the Witch (who is the Internet’s waifu du jour), Marika, and even Blaidd, the werewolf-like warrior. So if you’re in need of a break, whether it’s because you’re tired of getting invaded or planning your 56th attempt at Maliketh, the Black Blade, enjoy these delectable pieces of sexy, erotic fan art.

Artist source: Erotanuki
Artist source: D3MONONE
Artist source: tammdraws
Artist source: z-05
Artist source: alexanderdinh
Artist source: JuiceSwap
Artist source: Io
Artist source: cinko
Artist source: Limgae
Artist source: BadApple
Artist source: hyperlightcomo1
Artist source: HeavyMilkBlack
Artist source: DocHyde
Artist source: shiva
Artist source: shiva
Artist source: Raviolliess
Artist source: arachnart
Artist source: Ember_Cool

I hope you enjoyed this fun collection of erotic waifus! I hope that they will bring you comfort as bosses from the Lands Between find new and creative ways to pound you into the dirt!

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