Ei & Kokomi – Double Feature Rule 34

We just got reruns of these two hotties in Genshin. To celebrate we are doing a MASSIVE rule 34 post featuring both Kokomi AKA The Divine Priestess of Watatsumi and Ei AKA Baal AKA the Raiden Shogun AKA Beelzelbub AKA the God of Eternity… phew… that’s a lot of names when “sexy boob sword mommy” was right there.

Anyway, I know you’re here to fap so let’s get on to the hentai! (Be sure to check out all the artists linked under each pic for more!)

Artist: hhaku89
Artist: Daram
Artist: みどり
Artist: Mag
Artist: Gentleman910
Artist: yeonrizee
Artist: クンカ
Artist: vierzeck
Artist: 羽衣 悠
Artist: Daram
Artist: Limelam06
Artist: kagemi
Artist: 升天
Artist: ノワール

Thank you for joining us for another rule 34! Did you pull for the Raiden Shogun and/or Kokomi? Let us know on Twitter!

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