Dullahan – Monster Girl Monday

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Habitat: Demon realm

Nature: Strong-willed, stubborn, calm

Diet: Men’s spirit energy

Quick Facts:

  • Dullahan have a militaristic disposition and approach their task with strong will – that is, unless you knock their head off of their body, after which they will lose all sense of discipline!
  • They are created by either bonding cursed armor with a woman for a long period of time, or consumption of a special mushroom that can create many different kinds of undead monster girls.
  • Once their head is knocked off, all of their pent up lust will explode and fawn on the man who knocked it off to entice them to have sex with them.
  • If a Dullahan happens to really like a man, they might appear randomly to him and tell him the exact time and place in the future they will appear to kidnap him to become their personal sex slave!

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Dullahans are soldiers with an incredible weak point – remember to knock their heads off first if you happen upon one! If you want to find out more about the Dullahan, one is even featured in the anime Interview With Monster Girls that you can watch on Funimation right now!



Artist: liveforthefunk

Artist: Tetisuka

Artist: Cute Sexy Robutts

Artist: 犬トかげ

Artist: 仁志田メガネ

Artist: 才津二等軍曹

Artist: Xano

Artist: ぬこマス

Artist: 佃煮

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