Do You Like Big Girls? by Goro Aizome – Ecchi Manga Review

Harem comedies are a dime a dozen. They appeal to a fantastic fantasy: being the sole male member of a social circle made entirely of cute girls fighting for your attention. The problem for me, though, is that even the sexiest of harem comedies don’t take things far enough. I thought Monster Musume was going to bridge that gap given how easily the ladies fall out of their clothes. Alas, the action stops well short. I know I could easily find harem hentai but sometimes what I really need is a goofy sex comedy. In that regard, Do You Like Big Girls? was a wonderful surprise. Written and illustrated by Goro Aizome, Do You Like Big Girls? offers lots of fun, engaging, consensual sex between a short young man and a myriad of big girls. The manga plays out like any average harem comedy, such as a lot of gags, general goofiness, misunderstood circumstances, and quiet, introspective character arcs. Only this time, fucking is absolutely on the table.

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“Big” in the context of Aizome’s work doesn’t mean chubby or overweight. Our protagonist is a diminutive young man forced into coaching his sister’s volleyball team. To his surprise, all of the girls on the team are quite tall. They’re practically Amazonian compared to his height. These girls come from backgrounds where their height and tomboy nature were the subjects of harsh whispers and open mockery as kids. But now, as college students, the gals wear their sexiness on their sleeves.  Each girl has a unique personality which could spell turmoil and personality clashes. However, there’s little drama to be found as the girls support and care for each other. 

The zaniness begins when Sota Tachibana is coerced by his older sister Kaoru to hang out with her at the college gymnasium during practice. To his utter shock, he is introduced to the other girls on the team as the new head coach. Sota wants nothing to do with these busty sports stars until he discovers that his childhood idol, Ms. Ayeno Hasagawa is on the team. Sota idolizes this woman and lets himself fall in love with the superstar. Just as Sota comes around to the idea of being head coach, he – even goes as far as to fall in love with her. As if this wasn’t a huge surprise already, as a coach, he must also be in charge of their living arrangements and ensure their needs are met. Expect all sorts of wacky, sexy hijinks to ensue. 

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Each volume of Do You Like Big Girls? follows the formula of harem comedies close to the letter. Sota’s interactions and training sessions ultimately lead to opportunities to get to know the girls better. Through dates, training sessions, and meeting with other students, we learn a bit more about them with each chapter. However, Sota’s sexual relations with them take the highest priority. Sota enjoys being close to his idol, Ayeno, and sees her as someone to be idolized. He does t quite know what to make of the truth that she is obsessed with pornography and sex. When Ayeno offers to sexually satisfy Sota, he immediately starts digging in. I was really surprised by the explicitness of the sex depicted in the manga. It’s just one or two dick pics of being full-blown hentai. Shock quickly turned to delight and before I knew it, I had devoured the four current volumes of the work. 

One thing I dislike about harem comedies is the prolonged sexual tension. The male protagonist goes through numerous situations where their female friends want a little of the consensual sex and see the guy run away. Not in this case! When the other girls find out Sota did the deed, instead of brooding and planning to fight over him, the girls all line up to take their turn. Each girl wants to take Sota on a date as a pretense for sex and everybody goes along with it. I love it!  There need to be more stories that have the same attitude toward sex. 

The only difference is Kaoru, Sota’s sister. Even though she is responsible for bringing his brother into this nonstop sex circus, she starts feeling left out as the other girls get their fun. This simmer eventually rolls to a heavy boil, as the series candidly flirts with the idea of Kaoru having an incestuous encounter with her own brother. The tension mounts between the two and all are left to wonder, “will she or won’t she?” 

Do You Like Big Girls? features a fuck ton of sex. Even though most of the penetration and genital sucking is performed out of frame, the love scenes are hot and heavy. Each girl gets a chance to take Sota’s dick for a ride. It won’t take too long before you’re picking favorites based on their body type, personality, and playfulness in bed. I like Asakura, a bespectacled goofball who hides her vulnerability by acting like a total weirdo in public. And then there’s Yamada, the team captain, and the shortest girl in the group. She too falls in love with Sota but doesn’t mind sharing him with the rest of the girls. I really enjoy Julia McKenzie, the American exchange student with huge boobs and a dislike for trimming her body hair. Ayato, the woman Sota crushed hard for, is frequently shown to be a relentless pervert who loves masturbating to porn and enjoying a good fuck. In other words, this might tarnish the character, especially since we’re initially led to believe that she is your typical anime female protagonist. The defiance of expectations through her characterization is really fun and I, for one, delight in how quick she is to take off her clothes. 

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Do You Like Big Girls? is a welcome twist on the more-than-decades-old harem comedy formula. Where other works will find ways to push the boundaries of sexiness and titillation, Aizome’s artwork crashes through that wall like the Kool-Aid Man. Still, it has a preponderance to align with many harem comedy tropes, only this time, the promise of sex and fooling around is freely given. Sex is the name of the game here and everyone is more than eager to have it. 

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