Doujins App Review

Recently I was cruising Twitter and I cam across the account for a site called Doujins App. Of course my interest was sparked because well… hentai.

Doujins App is an app available on Android that allows you to read doujinshi manga and watch hentai for free on your mobile device. Unfortunately for you iPhone users  it is not available on iOS but you can use their web interface just fine and if you want to pretend it’s a full fledged app you can put a bookmark icon on your home screen. The app has a wide variety of manga available that you can explore through including parody and original creations. They have over 100k digital books and over 800 anime titles for you to enjoy. That’s a whole lot of content!


When you first enter the page you will see new titles as well as hot titles. You can explore from there or if you are looking for a manga to fulfill a certain fetish or a manga in your native language you can search by tags.  I would also recommend creating an account so you can favorite the titles you like the most and save them for viewing no matter what device you are on. 


The search by tags can be a little overwhelming. I wish they would have a category search as well including some of the most popular hentai categories. 

The quality of the manga is pretty amazing. They have full color manga and black and white manga which is nice. You go page by page which is pretty standard and you do have to zoom in to read stuff occasionally. I wish it had some of the technology that comic apps where with a tap you can go from panel to panel but this app is 100% free so who am I really to complain?


Another cool thing about this app is it allows you to save and share images and manga panels directly from the app. So when you find a new waifu, boy, or artist you dig you can tell the world.

As I mentioned above they also have a wide variety of hentai video content. The streaming is high in quality with no pesky pop-ups or ads that I cam across on the iOS version but it looks like there may possibly be ads in the android version as there is a “remove ads”tag. I’m not sure if that’s how they make money…  or how they make money at all. I’m also not sure if they publish the manga legally or not but that’s how many legit hentai sites began so maybe that’s where they are going? *shrug*


All in all I’ve found this app to be safe and a pretty good experience. There aren’t many ways to enjoy hentai without annoying pop-ups and potential virus scares so it’s nice to have a safe place like this. Where do you like to watch hentai or read doujin or hentai manga? Let us know! 

Check out the Doujins App here!

Images sourced from: Doujins App

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