Cynthia – Rule 34

When we saw the new Pokémon trailer… needless to say we were HYPED! So we decided to do a battle of the Poké hotties and Cynthia AKA シロナ (Shirona) came out on top! Check out some of our favorite Cynthia lewd illustrations below and make sure to check out each artist as well for even more!



Artist: Vdia


Artist: レッディ(Letdie)


Artist: なりそこない


Artist: Saeki


Artist: Skelucto


Artist: Sex Gazer


Artist: Eliz-chan


Artist: はちこ


Artist: 道端の石


Artist: LumiNyu


Artist: Vicious Tyrant


Artist: Kate Sterling


Artist: T.茜

Ok that last one was made in Honey Select Unlimited but a good futa is too good to not share!

Next week we are celebrating the women on top! Below you can vote for your favorite boss woman and she just might end up featured in our next rule 34 article! 

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