Cutie Honey FLASH!

As I started to get older and the original Sailor Moon anime came to a close, I was desperate for a new magical girl! One day, on a trip to my local Japanese market, I got some curry with a cute little blonde on the box named Cutie Honey. It came with stickers and I decided I must watch this “Cutie Honey” anime. 

Cutie Honey is a fun anime where a girl who can transform into different disguises fights to avenge her father by working to take down the evil demonic organization called Panther Claw. The anime is bright and colorful with an AMAZING theme song!

A live-action film was released in 2004, and it was super cheesy and fun. It reminded me of Power Rangers except with a cute sexy heroine who has to eat to keep her clothes on! It starts out with her running down the street completely naked in search for some food, so naturally she conjure some clothes! Here is a terrible trailer that was uploaded to YouTube. 

Last Fall, a much darker live-action film was released. I still haven’t watched Cute Honey: Tears but I would love to check it out some time. It looks NOTHING like the Cutie Honey I love and adore, but it could still be entertaining… I hope. 

Alright! Let’s get to why you’re REALLY here! To check out a sexy new Cutie Honey figure! 

The Cutie Honey Infinite Premium Figure shows off every curve of our magical girl Honey! Is she a magical girl? More like a magical WOMAN! This isn’t a normal outfit for her – it’s more like a fantasy version that you would maybe see in a Cutie Honey themed porn. Now… I’m not complaining, BUT the metallics are a bit much! 

The figure measures in at 6.63-inches and is made out of ABS and PVC plastics, and it comes pre-painted. The sculpt is very nice! There aren’t any visible seams, and you can’t even tell that you can take her apart and change her top! She comes with a complete top AND a top that looks like it is ripping off like it does in her transformation sequences. Want to see those transformations in action? Go watch the OP at the top of the page again! Don’t blame me when the song gets stuck in your head though…

There are also two more version of this figure but I could not find them for sale ANYWHERE! I’m guessing they were only released at specific locations in Japan like many other figure variations. I like these variations a lot more! The muted colors and black pants on the first variation look much more appealing to me. I also like the face design a lot more in that one even though the tongue sticking out is soooooo cute! 

In the second variation her outfit is more like a body suit. It doesn’t look like her original outfit at all, but more like a sexy spy! I’m guessing this version is more like the new movie. I wouldn’t mind owning any of these to be honest, but this last one reminds me of Gintoki so much! LOL! 

The packaging is also super cute, but it still feels like a porn parody of Cutie Honey… just me? Or nah? 

You can order the Cutie Honey Infinite Premium Figure on RightStuf now! 


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