Cunt Wars – Eroge Review

The starting loading screen of Cunt Wars AKA Chick Wars basically tells you what you are getting gin to. It’s a graphic image containing 8 girls, and no less than four kinks (bonus points if you can name them all!)

This is exactly what you would expect it to be, a mobile style card game, where you summon ladies in various states of undress, level them up, and well play a game in between. As has become my custom, I’m going to divide this review in two parts, the first of which will be about the actual game itself, and the second of which will be about the porn parts.


I was pleasantly surprised by Cunt Wars’ gameplay, which it turned out was a sort of Gwent meets Summoners War. You build a deck of cards, which all level up, and battle both an AI opponent and other people. It’s an interesting system that makes it actually a game rather than just a typical porn sim.

Like most games of this type, its designed to make us pay money for things, but you can still enjoy the game with out spending any. Combat is the main attraction in this game, the board has three layers and four columns, and you can place one card (each of which has attack and defense values) on each square.

Every card has two values, an attack and a defense value, and some have special powers. Powers include buffs, AOE damage, penetration, as well as a few others. Each turn you can play one card, and it will attack, as will any cards you already have on the board.

I was expecting most games to just be a matter of who had more cards that were more powerful to drop, making a pure Pay to Win (P2W) system, but I was pleasantly surprised. You can for sure buy power in the form of card levels in the game (more on this later) but a clever player, can set up their deck to have good synergy and possibly beat a stronger opponent. That being said I lost to a lot of people who just had better cards than me.

Cards you level up after each fight, in both the campaign mode, the arena mode (PvP) and the ranked mode (also PvP.) Cards get stronger as they level, but you need to spend gold to level up each time. Here is the first place we run in to a time/money sink. Like most mobile games, there is a limit to things you can do, and in this case it’s the number of fights you can fight, and the amount of times you can level cards up.

Gold is “mined” in a timed operation from a gold mine, that also has to be leveled up, but this time with gems, the games other currency. Gems are the games premium currency, and you can spend them to speed things up in the standard mobile game format. This was where I ran in to trouble, the game seems to be formatted to require high level summoning’s in order to pass higher levels, and without gems its very hard to get those summons.

Beyond those mechanics anyone who plays gatcha games will feel quite at home here. You summon your girls, they fight, you win and get rewards, or you lose and have to do it again. You are limited to five fights on most days unless you are going to pay for more. Leveling up early on does alleviate this but again its just to get started then you will need to pay to play the rest. That’s about it for gameplay, so lets get to what everyone is waiting for, the porn!


There is no porn in this game. Im kidding jeeze. So the primary attractor to this game is not like so many others CG sex scenes or anything like that. Instead it’s the girls cards, which as you level them up slowly get less and less clothes. I don’t have any of the full nudes because well ,I didn’t pay money to get them like I did for my last review.

What I can say is that both the win and loss screens are pretty nice to look at, and that if you are interested in softcore porn, then the card level ups are nice. But surprisingly this game seems mostly focused on gameplay, and not porn. Other than the win and loss screens the only real porn to be found is on the cards, which as you level up get less and less clothes. The same is true of leveling up your main character, as well as getting more points in PvP matches. Its a lot of work for not as much of a porny reward, but I am ok with this since I enjoy the strategy part of the game.

Overall I enjoyed my time with Cunt Wars, I’m not sure that I will go back to it again and again like I might for a more porny game, but I still enjoyed it. Its a solid mechanics card type of game, that is only really held back by the fact that its a mobile designed game, thats mostly seeking to extract money from the player after a certain level.

Click here to play Cunt Wars!


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