Choke Your One Eyed Monster To A One Eyed Girl

Do you love monster girls as much as I do? Well you’re in luck! An artist called Morisugi (find him on Twitter and Pixv) from the circle Geosiphon has brought to life monoeye girls. Now Shirikodama Publishing would like to bring them uncensored and translated to English speaking customers through a kickstarter campaign. They also want to make sure artists are fairly compensated. Their end goal is to create a publishing company that brings a ton of hentai to English speaking customers! Which is pretty cool… I often feel like our access to hentai is limited here in the states. Legally, anyway. 

Their initial goal is to fund three cyclops doujinshi with the character above and more! You can help their goal by contributing to their kickstarter campaign. They also have some cool rewards like a fidget spinner…. fidget spinners are all the rage, right?


UPDATE: Shirikodama Publishing just added new rewards for their kickstarter including:

  • 25 additional custom pieces of artwork from artist Morisugi
  • Morisugi has agreed to include a meet and greet for the lucky person who goes on the Tokyo trip they are offering
  • All $100 backers will receive signed physical copies of The Readable Eye Anthology

Check out the kickstarter for more detailed info.

What kind of monster girl turns you on the most? Let us know in the comments! 


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