Cheshire Cat – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art.

Cheshire Cat

Habitat: Wonderland

Nature: Lustful, fickle, mean

Diet: Omnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • Cheshire Cats are descendants of a werecat that befriended the Queen of Hearts and was granted power by her.
  • They act as guides to Wonderland, but their love of fun and lewd things often has them guiding visitors into a variety of sexual situations.
  • Their voice has a lewd and seductive tone to it, no matter what topic they are talking about!
  • A Chesire Cats’ words seep into the visitors of Wonderland, filling them with lewd and seductive thoughts until they eventually succumb to Wonderland and become a monster like them!
  • If they take a liking to a man, they will aggressively pursue him and stain him with their lewdness!
  • Cheshire Cats actually have a disposition similar to cat, but they often mask it and will only show it to the man they’ve claimed as their husband.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

The Cheshire Cat is an iconic figure, and Kenkou Cross’s take on the character as a monster girl is fantastically lewd! Do you think you’d succumb to her sweet lewd words? 

Artist: Barbariank

Artist: WLPER

Artist: monorus

Artist: butter

Artist: Pokke

Artist: BWsnowy

Artist: customwaifus

Artist: 萬太郎

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