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There are too few anime (or hentai) characters that turn me on the way Cattleya does. When I started watching Queen’s Blade so many years ago, I was wholly unprepared for the utter majesty that is the series’ – and the entire anime industry’s – hottest fantasy MILF. Needless to say, there are two very big reasons why she is such a huge favorite for me. And it’s not the glasses.

Image Source: Queen’s Blade

In a series defined by its over-the-top ecchi flavor, Cattleya still manages to elicit a huge response. Her body is larger than life and belies a quiet, motherly personality. She is presented as a mature woman, who has retired from the life adventure after marrying a warrior and having a child, whom she constantly dotes upon. Finding a quiet, comfortable peace as a village blacksmith, her body ends up being the primary topic of conversation. She cuts a tall, muscular figure that doesn’t hide her brutal femininity, marked by her sweet nature and incredibly fucking huge boobs. And lest you think I am a shallow person who can only salivate and the sight of massive badonkadonks, she is also stunningly thick and muscular, her arms hiding the strength training needed to swing swords so big they’d make Cloud Strife blush. And to top it all off, Cattleya’s clothing of choice is a super flimsy blacksmith’s apron that must have magical properties. How else does it prevent her gorgeous boobs from flying out every time she sneezes?

I could go on and on over my supreme lust for Cattleya but the truth this, putting this post together has got me more than a little aroused. So enjoy this curated collection of fanart featuring the sexiest, bustiest, thicc-est mom the anime world has ever seen. I’ll see you at the end!

Artist Source: Cyberboi
Artist Source: JhaysieArt
Artist Source: 差詰そうたろう
Artist Source: tukasawa02
Artist Source: Hakai Shin
Artist Source: tukasawa02
Artist Source: Jujunaught
Artist Source: SixFanarts
Artist Source: ればす
Artist Source: bowalia
Artist Source: pororidaaaaaa
Artist Source:
Artist Source: ButcherWORKSHOP
Artist Source: akiranime
Artist Source: tukasawa02
Artist Source: DNG
Artist Source: 茶入敬文
Artist Source: kuma
Artist Source: すぎぢー

Hnngh, holy crap. Was it good for you too?? Thanks, everyone, for reading through what probably has to be the horniest article I’ve ever written! If you haven’t seen Queen’s Blade and you’re looking for lots of gorgeous ladies in sexy armor and costumes, then check it out as soon as you can! You won’t be disappointed!

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