Bubble Date Mania – Eroge Review

I have always been a huge fan of bubble shooter games and puzzle games in general. Puzzle Bobble was my jam! Now that I’m older I still love them and play multiple variations of the old game style on my phone. I found out there was one on Nutaku called  Bubble Date Mania that mixed the bubble shooter mechanics and hentai so I couldn’t resist it! 

Bubble Date Mania is a free-to-play game where you go through bubble shooting levels to increase your relationship with several girls. You start out with a single girl named Mia and you must pass her levels and acquire a targeted amount of hearts to unlock the next girl.

As you master your dates AKA bubble levels you also unlock sexy pictures of the girls that they text you. One thing I really like about this game is it got right into the hentai really quickly! 

As you play the game you can unlock up to six girls currently on the game and they are consistently adding new girls, they’ve even added one in my last week of play! 

The second girl, Tina, is rather easy to unlock but the rest are not. It took me beating every level with three hearts to unlock the third girl Gloria. While I don’t expect unlocking something to be easy in any game it took way too much grinding and energy. You have a max energy bar of 30 and every time you play a level you lose energy while most shooter games only remove your energy when you have lost a level. The final levels of of each character cost 8 energy so you can only play three levels in one sitting and you’re made to wait a seriously long time before you can play again. 

While I understand that games have to make money, it really feels like a huge cash grab. I paid for unlimited energy for two hours and I was still only able to unlock on three characters. I’ve said this before but paying for energy is such a pet peeve for me. I love spending my money on things I can keep in the game like levels, vanity items, or characters. Honestly if they offered a plan where I could purchase a key to unlock each girl’s level group or outfits for them that would be more acceptable for me. 

Energy issues aside this game is super fun! There is also a mechanic where you can upgrade your room to gather passive XP but you have to go collect every 30 minutes. As you update your room it collects more and more XP and it is required to unlock some of the women. 

Give the game a shot and tell us what you think of it! 

Play Bubble Date Mania for FREE now! 

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