Bowsette Update – Hentai Trends

About two weeks have passed since Bowsette captured the hearts of hentai lovers everywhere, so we decided to check in our our favorite new princess to see how she’s doing! 

Bowsette Search Trends from Sep 23 – Oct 9

While there was definitely a fevered pitch at the start, general interest in Bowsette has leveled off since her debut. This doesn’t mean that her trend is dying, however! The fact that we see such a slow decline from the start of October to today, compared to the previous 7-8 days, shows that she’s definitely here to stay! The fact that she still has people searching for her consistently over the last week means that while the Bowsette Boom may be gone, there will be plenty of people creating great hentai and looking for them in the weeks and hopefully months to come!

While we’re at it, here are some interesting statistic about the koopa princess! She’s had:

  • Over 10,000 pixiv art entries
  • Over 22 threads across the different -channels
  • Over 70,000 subscribers to her subreddit

That’s a lot of art and conversation, and a lot that great art is fantastic hentai! We’ll stay tuned for any new developments with Bowsette, but for now, take a look at some of our favorite recent hentai creations!

Artist: yakimi27

Artist: LUN7732

Artist: NeoCoill

Artist: qblade

Artist: マリモッポイ

Artist: たーぼう

Artist: 九酱子

Artist: zantyarz

Artist: sucaciic


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