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All it takes is a lone spark to light a fire, and that saying holds especially true to the hentai community! Some of you may have noticed the explosive emergence of a new Mario character among your favorite hentai artists – except she isn’t an official Mario character at all! For those of you haven’t been acquainted with her, I’ll share the comic that started it all:

Artist: AYYK92


The black-clad princess with a badass aesthetic has been dubbed Bowsette, or クッパ姫 (Kuppahime), by the community at large. The comic depicts Mario and Bowser being rejected by Peach, but Bowser has a solution – the princess mushroom! This mushroom was revealed by Nintendo a week before AYYK92 created the comic, depicting Toadette using the mushroom to transform into a human princess named Peachette. Ever since this comic has been posted, the hentai floodgates were opened and an avalanche of amazing hentai featuring Bowsette was released! 

We can gain some insight to how popular Bowsette really is by taking a look at Google Trends. Researchers have been noticing over the last few years that Google Trends, when used correctly, can reveal scarily accurate information about how people around the world think and feel. Normally, even with official character announcements featuring very lewdable ladies, it’s hard to see much of a blip in the general search trends surrounding that character and hentai  – there has to be a certain threshold of searches conducted for Google to even display any data on the trend. However, Bowsette’s story is completely different:

Not only does Google have search data combining Bowsette and hentai so shortly after the phenomena emerged, the amount of interest in the character is nothing but explosive! Based on the chart about, interest started really emerging around midday on the 21st, a short two days after AYYK92’s comic was posted. By comparison, most other charts of interest would show a steep decline after the initial spark in interest – which we did see – but the Bowsette trend recovered continued to peak even higher in interest over the last few days!

What does all of this mean? It turns out that there’s a lot of desire for a badass Mario Bros princess out there! Everyone has embraced Bowser’s newfound feminine side and there seems to be an insatiable thirst for more art of the character. We’ll keep a close eye on this trend over the next few weeks and report back with how it evolves. Until then, we’ve selected some of our favorite Bowsette hentai so far for you to look at below! Be sure to check out the artists of these wonderful creations after you’re done!

Artist: O S I I M I

Artist: おぶい

Artist: ケラス

Artist: ジュナジュナジュース

Artist: KuKuruYo

Artist: RotiX

Artist: Maritan

Artist: 蒼惑う子


Artist: tofuubear

Artist: 帝恩



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