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The princess mushroom outbreak has been at full throttle this week! Earlier this week, we covered the explosive emergence of Bowsette and all of the amazing hentai of the character that’s been made in a short few days. Today, we’re going to briefly talk about an offshoot of Bowsette; Booette!

The character has been referred to by a couple of different names with Booette, based on the same -ette addition that Bowsette has, and Queen Boo, changing the former king to a queen, being the two that have been used the most often. A parody of the original comic, seen below, depicts Luigi seeing Bowsette and Mario and, having a thought, offering the princess mushroom to King Boo!

Artist: Rakkuguy

It’s not certain if this comic started the Booette trend, much like the original did with Bowsette, but we can take a look at Google Trends to find exactly when this character started getting popular in the hentai world:

Booette’s popularity started to pick up around mid-day September 24th, just three days after Bowsette! However, when we compare the two, it’s apparent that there’s little chance Bowsette will be knocked off her throne in popularity:

Red: Bowsette / Blue: Booette

While Booette may not be as popular as Bowsette, that doesn’t mean hentai artists everywhere haven’t been taking notice of the character and giving their own interpretation of the queen! Below, we’ve featured some of our favorite Booette hentai. Between Booette and Bowsette, we can’t wait to see the next popular Mario Bros. royalty!

Artist: kajin

Artist: zantyarz

Artist: MHKchen

Artist: C-Low

Artist: FUYA

Artist: いーうー

Artist: ちた

Artist: cutesexyrobutts


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