Boobie Mouse Pads!

When you’re spending all day on the computer, who wants some boring ergonomic mouse pad? Not me! We all need a boobie mouse pad in our lives! OK, OK, OK… you may not be able to have one of these at work, but why not have one in the comfort of your home? You can rest your wrist on soft… bouncy… TITS! 

Today I am going to show you some of my favorite 3D oppai mouse pads!

First up we have my favorite babe and my main waifu, Super Sonico! This mouse pad is super adorable and features one of her original looks! You can get it on Amazon for $15.99.

Next up we have Chestia! I mean… Hestia… sorry. This one is made by Chris.W which is the same company that sells the Super Sonico one above. This company probably isn’t licensed, but it’s definitely the cheapest option! You can get it on Amazon for $15.99.

Next up we have a super cute one featuring Souji from Senran Kagura! This one is a bit harder to find but I love the design! You can find it on Amazon from a few sellers for varied prices. 

Ok are you ready to get even more lewd? Let’s move on to some nude mouse pads! 

This mouse pad comes with a manga! The manga is the continuation of the hentai manga called Jyoshi Luck! by DISTANCE and it takes place two years later! This is a very limited special edition version of the manga and there is only one left as I am writing this! So head over to J-List and get yours now!

Ok are you ready for something… BIGGER? Like… HUGE?!  How about… LIFE-SIZED TEHTEHS?!

First up in the life-sized category… of course we have my babe! This is an officially licensed “mouse pad” featuring a full-sized Super Sonico! I used those quotes because… HOW DO YOU USE A MOUSE PAD THIS BIG?! I mean I know some ways you could probably use it, but still… not as a mouse pad. Right? Unfortunately for you and me… this mouse pad is sold out. *cries* 

Anyway… here’s 12 seconds of bouncy boob action… 


Next up we have a life-sized mouse pad featuring none other than the lovely Marie Mamiya! The art on this one is GORGEOUS! I love the detail in her face and her nipples which actually look like they are poking through a real life bra. You can grab this one on J-List, but as I am writing this… there is only one left! Jeez! These sell out so fast!!


Lastly we have Prison School’s Meiko Shiraki – the queen dominatrix of oppai! All of these life-sized oppai mouse pads are by a company called Softgarage, and everything they do is of super high quality and fully licensed! Unfortunately, that also means they come with a high price tag! That’s right… all these life-sized mouse pads are $360 USD! That might seem like for a mouse pad, but are these really just mouse pads? They are more like sex dolls disguised as office supplies… how clever! This one is brand new so you can easily pre-order it now on J-List. 

I hope you enjoyed this little round up of boobie mouse pads as much as I enjoyed looking at all these amazing mouse pads! Have a favorite of your own? Let us know in the comments or tweet us


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