Bad Match x Good Match – Hentai Manga Review

When you’re about to become step-sister to the guy you’ve fallen for, there’s only one thing to do – tie him up and have sex with him! 

Bad Match x Good Match, another wonderful hentai created by Oohira Sunset (read our review of their other work, Housewife Sex Shop Style, if you haven’t yet!). Miku and Jin’s parents are getting married, and Jin can’t quite figure why Miku has grown so cold to him when he moved into Miku’s mother’s house with her. After coming home early one day, Jin is asked into Miku’s room to discuss something – only to have his hands tied and be thrown on the ground next to her bed! It turns out Miku doesn’t want their parents to get together, so she planned to have Jin rape her – except she didn’t quite get that she was the one initiating everything. Of course, it turns out that the reason behind all of this is that Miku had fallen for Jin and felt they couldn’t be together if their parents got married. Jin eases her concerns and the two get down and dirty before their parents return home.


Oohira Sunset has a talent for drawing big-chested women, and Miku is no exception! Her schoolgirl attire and mature body are a killer combination, and her domineering attitude combined with the light bondage in this hentai is sure to get the sub in you going. Miku’s facial expressions are fantastic, from her cute embarrassed faces to the many sides of ahegao she shows! The story in this hentai is cute and heartwarming, so long as you’re cool with a little soon-to-be in-law incest. 

You should drop what you’re doing right now and check out Bad Match x Good Match right now on Fakku if you have a premium membership! Don’t forget to check out our other review of one of Oohira Sunset’s works, Housewife Sex Shop Style, too!


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