Save BIG On Hentai This Black Friday

When you think of Black Friday you probably imagine scoring a huge TV or people trampling over others at their local Walmart. There is something else you can save some major bucks on during the day of spending and that is… HENTAI! 

Below I have compiled a list of hentai sales happening this Black Friday through Cyber Monday. I will be updating this post regularly throughout the week when I find new deals! 


Crush Crush

Diamond bundles discounted at different amounts for the various bundles. The sale will affect only the prices of diamond amounts the user gets for purchasing them.

10 diamonds 0% $1 $1
55 diamonds 15% $5 $4.25
115 diamonds 20% $10 $8
240 diamonds 25% $20 $15
635 diamonds 30% $50 $35
1400 diamonds 40% $100 $60

Harem Heroes

“50% off koban refill prize”. Start date 24th / end date 27th.

Dragon Providence

Black Friday Bundles
3 types of special discount bundles will be released.
Each bundle contains Fever Gacha Tickets, newly released SSR card guaranteed Gacha Ticket and other very rare items.
Black Friday Bundle A -3,000 N Gold (approx. 50% discount)
Black Friday Bundle B -3,000 N Gold (approx. 50% discount)
Black Friday Bundle C -2,000 N Gold (approx. 40% discount)

11/22 – 11/30 Black Friday Login Bonus
*4 copies of limited card “Blessing Hare of Inaba” guaranteed by logging in every day during the login campaign period. This card is only obtainable from this login bonus.

Kamihime Project

• Two new limited edition characters which are a collaboration between the game Kamihime Project and the game 恋姫夢想(Koihime Musou).
They will be available on the 21st November 0:00 PST. On top of the new characters, a Koihime Musou themed login bonus will start from Noverber 21st at 0:00 PST.
• The character “Tyr” will have its awakening form released into the game along with a Tyr boosted Gacha after the maintenance on the 21st November 0:00 PST..
• The SSR guaranteed gachas will see a reset on the 26th November 0:00 PST.
• A Black Friday only timed sale which will have the following content on the 24th:
o From 0:00 PST to 6:00 PST:
• SR or higher x1 guaranteed 10 chain Gacha at a discounted price of 1000NG with a maximal draw limit of 5 per person.
o From 6:00 PST to 12:00 PST:
• A pack which contains 10,000 gems, 20 elixirs and 20 energy leaves sold at 2000NG and a limit per person of 3.
o From 12:00 PST to 18:00 PST:
• SR or higher x1 guaranteed Kamihime weapon 10 chain Gacha at a discounted price of 2000NG with a maximal draw limit of 3 per person.
o From 18:00 PST to 23:59 PST:
• SSR or higher x1 guaranteed 10 chain Gacha at the price of 3000NG with a maximal draw limit of 1 per person.


Thanksgiving Events (Nov. 23 – Nov. 30)

1. Purchase Bonus: Purchase Kobans and receive sweet bonuses!
2. Elite Summon: Includes all the seasonal and holiday Generals released so far, an Elite ticket is guaranteed! (you can choose and receive one of the Generals in this summon).
3. Special Summon: Includes three Generals who deal massive damage to the Boss in the Warlord dungeon.
4. Warlord Dungeon: Attack the boss, deal as much damage as you can to win great rewards!
5. Platinum Priest: Sacrifice unwanted cards to receive Platinum Ticket!
6. Harvest Season: Troops and Coins yield boosted by 150%!
7. Ranked Match Double Rewards for the whole weekend!


Brave Girl Ravens


・Obtain Leilias Jam (Unit feeling +50) x10
・A secret special lesson.

Use the “Premium” function to get more EXP when exchange units.
(Require 1 item per time)
・The proof of love.
You can only use it on the hero who’s positive feeling is over 200.

The following items, will be 20% OFF during the Sale.
・Recover 10 AP
・Recover 25 AP
・Recover 50 AP
・Recover ALL AP

Flower Knight Girl

Daily Deals:

• 1x 6★ Exchange Gacha Ticket
Nutaku Gold: 500

• 1x Rainbow Dressbloom
• Nutaku Gold: 300

• 1x Rainbow Skillbloom
• Nutaku Gold: 300

• 1x 5★ Exchange Gacha Ticket
Nutaku Gold: 200

Each of the above will be available for 24h. Additionally, we will hold a sale on Flower Gems, offering the 10000 Nutaku Gold pack at a 50% discount (142 Flower Gems for 5000 Nutaku Gold).
This sale will be available from the 24th to the 27th of November.

Pero Pero Seduction

24.11.2017 – 27.11.2017
• Item Gacha – Black Friday Edition:
• Item Gacha Tickets will be sold at half the price ( Old price – 1 Ticket – 100 NG – Black Friday Ticket – Price – 0,5 NG ).
• This Gacha will include one Elite Rare Card.
• Black Friday Packs
• The packs will include cards and various items, sold at very big discounts.

Osawari Island

  •  50% Discount at first Spin Gacha Draw
  • 30% Discount for the Support Shop at first time buy.  
  • Set of Shop Packs with a special discounted price (Discounts between 30% and 50%). There will be 4-5 packs available.
  • Black Friday weekend Booster sale discounts between 10% and 20%
  • Cyber Monday will add a special character for Rank-Up Gacha.

Kingdoms Of Lust

• All users who log in this period will receive 3 days free premium and 120 time boosters(30 for each category).
• During the event time, a promo of 40% to 121% more diamonds + 3 bonus resource chests on purchase.
• Also, when a user makes a package purchase during the event, they will receive the Special Holiday Collection scene for Black Friday.

Taps of Eradine

• Limited time only: Daily Spin Tickets offer
• Limited time only: Amrita at special price
• All prices dropped in-game by 10% with gold dropped by 25%

Armor Blitz 

Neko Black Friday Bundle (Black Friday Package -$25 (~70% discount)
• Cores 2000
• Candy 25
• Metal 5000
• 1-5 Star Tank
• Pvt Neko

(Get my character Lila while you’re at it!

Attack On Moe

3 Past Exclusive Girls

Girls On Tanks

24hrs Mega Offers with the following discounts:
• Stamina and Tickets 90% off
• Extra missions maps 80% off
• Chests 70% off
• Creds and Crystals 50% off

Fake Lay

Bonus diamonds & discount on all bonuses in the shop – time machine /buy energy / buy cash / speed by reset / time warp

(all the game images are property of Nutaku)

Photo: J-List

J-List is having a multi-tier sale which will give you more opportunities to save on hentai, sex toys, sexy figures and more! 

From now until the 23rd 10x points which is 20% back in store credit! Shop J-List now!

They will have a lot more deals from now until December 9th (which personal note is the day before my birthday so like… if you’d like to send anything to our PO box I wouldn’t be mad… PO Box 11295 Burbank CA 91510) Ok that was shameless! But seriously though… make sure you come back here and check out what the latest J-List deals are! 


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