Big eroHero update!

I am excited to bring you a big eroHero site update that the team has been working very hard on for months!

Here is what we’ve updated!

  • New dark mode so you won’t go blind while fapping! (We hear that’s just a rumor so don’t worry)
  • New featured manga that will change themes every month with new manga every week!
  • Updated the library with an all new look that keeps track of the manga you’ve read and the manga you own.
  • New pages to view all genres and authors

…and the long awaited SEARCH!

On top of that, we will be adding a new manga each week.

This weeks new manga:

Netorareru, A Wife’s Descent Into Sinful Pleasures Volume 1

Wow the inside of your pussy is crazy! “Noooo… I can’t believe I’m being touched by someone other than my husband…” At a high school reunion, Misako Kawai reunites with Natsume, a guy she once rejected. When Misako gets drunk, she finds herself at a love hotel. She had been drugged by crazy Natsume, and now can’t control herself as Natsume caresses her body. She can’t contain her voice even while the outfit chosen by her husband is dirtied with another man’s love juices. “You’re my best work!” Hell-like training and the naughty bits start to raise a joyous sound. (Chapters 1-4) This series is Volume 1 of 4.

Join eroHero and buy this manga on it’s own today!

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