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I first discovered Hentai in my college dorm room, downloading a 45-second RealPlayer clip from an OVA series called Bible Black. I knew nothing about the series, much less hentai as the concept of animated cartoon porn was pretty foreign at the time. The clip, which featured a busty nurse (with a dick sprung forth from her vagina) fucking a girl wearing rabbit ears, was absolutely wild. I wasn’t quite sure what exactly I was seeing and after those early days of “porn guilt”, I deleted the file and tried not to think about it. But the flood gates cracked and it wasn’t long before hentai would become an obsession. In that time, I left Bible Black far behind, though I would come across various clips and segments of the horror-themed, extremely plot-driven porn flick. As time went further on, I pushed against the notion I heard from folks that the series was a good “starter” hentai for all the new, curious masturbators. Over 20 years since its release and some mainstream attention (enough to earn an English dub that was…not great), I felt it time to revisit this title and find out, once and for all, if it deserves its notoriety. 

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Bible Black is a plot-heavy porno that centers around the influence of a magical spellbook, the eponymous Bible Black. Prior to the start of the series, it was indirectly responsible for the death of several female students who tried to perform the rituals inside to conjure and capture the spirit of a demon. The book now lies in the possession of Minase, a student at the same school where the deadly ritual took place. An aloof young man, he acts selfishly and uses the book to create love charms that let him fool around with his female classmates. It is made abundantly clear that he’s cocky and takes pride in meddling with powers he doesn’t understand. One attempt to help his friend charm a guy she’s into leads them to have hungry, animalistic sex in the school hallway, in full shameless view of the student body. Shocking as this is, Minase really doesn’t care as he is busy creating his own love charm for the blonde-haired Shiraki, who promptly throws herself at him and initiates sex. He is later approached by another woman who seems to know exactly what’s going on and seduces him to learn his secret. Kaori, leader of a “magic club” offers sex in exchange for the book of magic, her motives largely unknown.  

Sitting on the sidelines is Kitami, the school nurse who hides a malevolent agenda. Not much is known about her at first, only that she has a dark air about her and can grow a dick from her vagina and use it on students she suspects might be virgins. She eventually catches onto Minase and his discovery of the Bible Black and after an intense sex scene, she places him under her control, gifting him a “lesser demon” to play with. As a pawn, he somewhat unwittingly creates more thralls for Kitami, assuring her supremacy and freedom to continue her plans. Lost in all this is Imari, Minase’s childhood friend who clearly holds a quiet affection towards him – even after she barged in on him literally blasting cum on Shiraki’s face. As she wallows in feelings of rejection, she remains unaware that through Minase, Kitami has found the perfect sacrifice needed. 

Image source: Bible Black

It’s amazing to me, that after all these years spent turning my brain into a spank bank of hentai nonsense, there are so many scenes in Bible Black that have seared themselves into my head. In fact, I attribute Bible Black for turning me onto hentai in the first place. Kitami’s first sex scene of the series was my first exposure to the concept of futanari. Kaori’s first scene with Minase made me love animated blowjobs, and Kitami’s treatment of Kaori and her magic club, gave me my first “what the  fuck?!…wait, am I into this?” moment. On the last note, Bible Black is indeed a fairly extreme series, one that doesn’t pull many of its depraved punches. The first two episodes are manageable, but by the time the third episode begins, it immediately goes off the rails, introducing fairly extreme acts such as force-feeding and enemas. Oh, woe be to the unprepared viewer. 

It balances the shock of its perversions a bit by going hard with the plot, spending each of its episodes divulging bits and pieces of its story until it drops a huge exposition dump. It can be a little frustrating at first because some characters, like Kitami, are given weight and gravitas but you don’t know why. They’re supposed to be important and I got a little impatient with how long it took for the series to tell me why. Story hiccups aside, I really don’t have any major complaints with Bible Black. The animation has aged well (funnily enough, there’s a significant increase in quality in the last two episodes) and the benefit of its mainstream success is that the OVA is completely uncensored. And it’s easier to track down a version that features the original Japanese VO because calling the English dub more awful than a sack of dead cats is being far too generous. Should you find yourself enamored with the world of Bible Black, the hentai spawned two additional series that continues the saga as well as flesh out backstory regarding characters and events that previously transpired. 

Image source: Bible Black

Recommended viewing for those looking for darker hentai or interested in visiting one of the first mainstream hentai series of the early 2000s. I wouldn’t say the same for those looking for something to be an entry into this erotic genre. Bible Black trades mostly on shock value and if you want to ease you or your partner into animated porn, there are better routes to take until they’re ready. 

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