Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo! – Hentai Review

Baku Ane stars Hayasaki “Ryou” Ryoushirou, a soccer player who, after suffering an injury, has returned to his childhood home for rest and recuperation. We never know if Ryou is some major or minor league soccer player nor how he injured himself but I suppose that’s not really important! What really matters is that Ryou’s parents have left home to go abroad, leaving him in the care of his four sexy older sisters Jijou Yurine (who likes fruit), Choucho Noemi (who wants you to know her bust size is 98), the clumsy lover of anime Yonjo Naru, and Sanjo Mio. Oh, and Mio wants you to know that her clit is the most sensitive part of her body. Talk about an overshare! Sharing the same roof as these four sexy women is the perfect recipe for a little incest and almost immediately, the mind starts to conjure all sorts of possibilities. Unfortunately for this episode, you’re only going to get Yurine and Mio.

Things kick off almost immediately. While Noemi gathers up Ryou’s clothes for laundry, she stumbles upon a care package of lolicon porn and love letters from younger girls. Calling a family meeting, the girls–especially Mio–get in Ryou’s face about his supposed interest in lolis. Cries of “pervert” and “shame” besmirch Ryou’s character despite his pleas of not knowing how the material got in his bag (so, then, how did it all get there?). Ryou storms off to bed, leaving the girls in a quandary over what to do. The next morning, he is greeted by Yurine who proceeds to pull off her shirt, revealing a pair of the most wonderful, squeezable boobs. Yurine has taken upon herself to “cure” Ryou’s apparent obsession with lolis by engaging him in sex with his sweet older sister.

As far as plot goes, Baku Ane doesn’t go out of its way to establish a meaningful or justifiable reason for these characters to bone each other. Not that it has to. While I appreciate story in my porn, if nothing else to create interesting bridges between sex scenes, there’s nothing wrong with getting straight to the action. That is what Baku Ane does really well. With a runtime of about thirty-four minutes, 95% of that time is made up with sex between Ryou and Yurine, Ryou and Mio, and Ryou, Mio, and Yurine. Mio gets caught up in the action after finding out about Ryou’s tryst with Yurine. Showing a tsundere personality, Mio forcefully takes him to a love hotel where she commands him to strip and events proceed to their natural conclusion soon after. With the sexual relationships between Yurine and Mio firmly established, the rest of the episode is an over the top sex royale as the two girls compete for Ryou’s affections (the whole lolicon storyline has been completely abandoned at this point). This show throws everything and the kitchen sink for the grand finale as the women have sex with Ryou–and each other–in bikinis, bunny suits, schoolgirl outfits, police uniforms, and cheerleader costumes. The scene featuring Yurine roleplaying in the schoolgirl outfit was easily my most favorite in the episode!

Baku Ane seems like it would be up my alley. The girls featured have rockin’ boobs and Mio offers up some really great tongue wagging ahegao faces. However, you only get Mio and Yurine in this episode. The show probably wanted to save pairings with Noemi and Naru for another episode but these two characters completely disappear after the first ten minutes and I was pretty disappointed by that. I would have loved to see Ryou go at it with his elder, and most motherly, sister.

Another thing I didn’t quite like about this hentai was the animation. The animation style of sex is distracting because the character’s bodies have over exaggerated movements. Boobs bounce and jump with the slightest provocation, their backs arch so much that spine injury has to be a concern, and the way their bodies move during sex is akin to fish flopping around on dry land. There’s too much movement for movement’s sake and at times, I thought I was watching some sort of flash animation. Adding to my dissatisfaction is how sex scenes are pretty much just a series of short, looped animation with little variation. There isn’t a whole lot of nuance to the characters when they’re doing stuff. The best example of this is when Mio is rubbing Ryou’s body with her boobs in the love hotel. While Ryou lies there stiff as a plank, Mio’s body loops a static boob rub animation. These looped together animations have a tendency to make the sex look lifeless and programmed.  If nothing else, Baku Ane is easily the most giffable hentai I’ve ever seen.

Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo! left me wanting so much more. I wanted more face time with the other sisters, I wanted better sex animation, I wanted to see more blowjob scenes that were just as intense as those featuring paizuri. There is a director’s cut version of the episode that adds another four minutes of material and at first glance, I couldn’t really tell what was tacked on. I’m willing to be the extra four minutes were used for the finale’s sexual olympics. Where Baku Ane falls flat in story and tending to its characters, it makes up for unrelenting sex between two of it’s bustiest and freakiest girls. For better or for worse, Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo! is one of those hentai that goes out of its way to showcase Ryou’s sexual escapades. And story be damned.

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