Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan – Hentai Review

Here’s a challenge: can you say this title five times fast? Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan is a mouthful of a title but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of my top ten favorite hentai. When most casual people think of this genre, I’d be willing to bet that their minds go right to those that have earned mainstream infamy. Shows like Bible Black, with its hardcore tentacle sex, hot girls with dicks, and sexual violence conjure the suggestion that hentai really is just a bastion for the extreme perverted among us.

Well, it is, but bear with me here. Just like live action pornography, there are different strokes for different folks. While you don’t have to go very far to see couples in engaging in bondage or sex with robotic apparatus, so too are there love stories with happy sex between partners who develop feelings for each other. See? It’s not all face fucking and butt stuff! Baka Dakedo is a heartwarming story about a sexually active student and the hopeless romantic who gets the opportunity of a lifetime.

Kouta isn’t what you’d consider a heartthrob. A lot of hentai bring together partners who tend to be extraordinarily good looking and at the top of their physical game. You know, the type of man or woman the opposite- and same-sex would do anything to be with. Kouta isn’t one of those boys. He is overweight, sweats profusely in the afternoon sun, and keeps mostly to himself. He also does really well in school and by some virtue, has been blessed with an impressive wang. While making his way home after shopping for food, he notices his fellow classmate, Shiina Chieri, sucking on a popsicle in the shade outside a convenience store. Unable to look away, Kouta drinks in the sight of Shiina wearing a revealing outfit that accentuates her drop dead sexy figure, tanned skin, and large breasts. The young woman chastises Kouta for staring at her, though watching her gulp down a messy popsicle was decidedly worth the admonishment. The truth is, Shiina has been waiting for Kouta to show up to present him with a special offer, which sets his mind racing. What could the sexiest, most popular girl in school want with me?? What do I do if she wants to do something dirty?? Will I get to feel her up???? No, what Shiina really wants in a study buddy to help her be less of a shitty student. D’oh!

Lucky for Kouta, Shiina is more than a little forthcoming with sexual favors. Kouta blurts out that he had hoped their time spent studying alone would lead to sexytimes. Shiina has a boyfriend, though, and that means absolutely no sex, which comes as a huge disappointment to our horndog of a hero. But Shiina is thankful for Kouta’s time and proceeds to express her gratitude with a phenomenal blowjob. This particular scene is why I love this series as much as I do. For one, Shiina is so incredibly cute. As she places her head in Kouta’s lap, she looks up and him with her big, pretty eyes and long blonde hair framing her tanned face. The animation of her going down on Kouta is really sexy and the camera favors a lot of point of view shots, which goes a long way in putting you into the action a little bit. As she works Kouta over, Shiina is even more of a delight when she talks dirty and shows a proficiency for deepthroating (there are also a lot of great shots of Shiina’s blowjob faces) and a fan of swallowing Kouta’s fluids. This token of appreciation soon becomes a regular thing between the two students, their oral playtime escalating to different styles of play, such as tit fucking, public blowjobs, and glory hole simulation—and holy fuck, does Shiina look great doing it.

You’re probably thinking, “Hey! I thought you said this was going to be sweet! Sounds to me like this is a show about two students sucking their study time away!” First of all, yeah, there is a lot of dick sucking going on but you have to remember, this is Shiina’s reward to Kouta for helping her study. Over the course of the two episode series, we discover that Shiina has actually been retaining all the Information gathered in their meetings to the point where she sees a marked improvement on her test scores. Kouta’s continued encouragement and homework help (in between even more escalating sexytimes) lead to Shiina achieving her goal of getting inside the top thirty rank of high scoring students. Her hard earned academic success is lessened by the departure of her boyfriend—who was their married homeroom teacher no less!—which gives Kouta the opportunity he’s dreamed of: to finally be her boyfriend and partake in a sexual relationship. And holy cow does their relationship smolder with the passionate flames of love and lust. Their first night together is an all night sexual Olympiad that ends with the two of them professing their love for one another. At the end of the school year, a celebratory vacation ends with them talking about getting married! Talk about a happy ending!

Baka Dakedo is a lovely porno about a man and woman enjoying a Study Buddies With Benefits relationship that grows into something a little more personal. Friends become lovers in a relationship that’s healthy, genuine, and proves that love can bloom between a man who doesn’t meet the physical ideal and a young woman that  is a self-proclaimed slut. Also, Shiina is so god damn cute and has a great body that glistens and shines whenever she’s giving Kouta the business. This is a series that shouldn’t be missed so do yourself a favor and dim the lights, pour yourself a nice beverage, get yourself in fapping/schlicking position and prepare to “d’awwww.”


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