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Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. Welcome to Game Girls! This week we’re featuring the prehistoric amazon from 65,000,000 B.C., Ayla!

Name: Ayla

Game: Chrono Trigger

Game Type: RPG

Occupation: Prehistoric Amazon

Strengths: Fisting, beating the hell out of lizard people, outdrinking everyone else at the bar

Weaknesses: Can’t use magic, confused as to whether she should use a club or her bare hands

Fun Fact: If you played the original English SNES release of Chrono Trigger, you saw a version of Ayla that was heavily censored. She openly states that she likes strong men and women equally, and her ability to drink everyone else under the table was changed to a soda drinking competition (an odd choice for her time period).

Artist: radlionheart

Artist: MisterPikalo88

Artist: Demimond23

Artist: nuezo

Artist: 望月なお


Artist: bitchen


Artist: aka6

Artist: dunceney

Artist: hentaix

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