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Before getting into the review, I wanted to provide a little context for this review. I stumbled upon an organization called WaifuSplit who has plans to develop and publish original, uncensored hentai manga. Launched in 2020, WaifuSplit currently exists as a subscription service on Subscribe.Star where you can follow the work in progress of all the comics being developed by WaifuSplit. For full disclosure, I have subscribed to WaifuSplit because I’m interested in their work. This review of Avalos is based on a copy my subscription could access.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that life, with all its ups and downs, can be pretty dull. A lot of us experienced moments where we pine for something great to happen so we can be the hero in our own story. We daydream about life-dropping opportunities in our lap as we suffer through a routine we so desperately want to be broken. The main protagonist in Avalos, an original doujinshi written by Gid Sama, experiences this ennui after coming to terms that he is a self-described loser. He is very much aware that the life ahead of him is little more than a series of repeated patterns that spark little joy and that nothing will ever change. That is, until he crosses paths with a teacher who hides an interesting secret. Avalos breaks the shackles of the mundane with a sexy, sultry tale about an ordinary college student who learns to come out of his shell after a little bit of hot sexy times with a very special teacher. 

Image source: Avalos

Growing up, Matthew had few things to be happy about. We’re introduced to this sad sack as he tells the reader that he is a loser after being treated like the busted punching bag in the worn-down, sketchy training gym of life. Be it school bullies or a shitty job at retail, Matthew’s social struggles gave him a pretty dim outlook for his future. That changes when he is admitted to Fairbloom University. 

If you’ll allow me to diverge a bit, I’ll be the first one to say that high school really does suck. It comes at a time when you’re discovering yourself and a lot of people like to pick on those who are different from the norm. College, on the other hand, is great because no one really gives a fuck about you in the best possible way. You’re free to explore yourself and have a greater chance of finding someone with the same kind of weird. For Matthew, the sun shines just a bit brighter after he’s introduced to Ava, a voluptuous woman who leads his freshman orientation and, eventually, serves as his teacher. From that moment, our hero gets a renewed outlook on life. His academic performance improves significantly and develops a better sense of self-confidence not seen since he was a kid. All thanks to the beautiful, caring, and patient Ava who seems very kind and down to earth (never mind that she has pointed ears). 

With everything coming up Matthew, he seems poised to finally break out of the shell he’s been trapped in his entire life. After all, according to his teacher, “Good things happen to the servants of Ava!” So when he decides to pay his teacher a visit, he stumbles upon a terrifying sight: the bodies of dead students and teachers lying at the feet of an enraptured Ava who laps up precious bodily fluids off her fingers. 

Image source: Avalos

Gid Sama has created a new, favorite waifu in Ava. Not only is she supremely sexy and gives me the warm “hot for teacher” fuzzies, she’s the first vampire/succubus I’ve seen in this medium whose breasts grow as a result of her feeding off humans. And being someone deeply invested in a breast expansion fetish, Avalos was an automatic win. But maybe you’re not into seeing women’s breasts inexplicably grow twice their size. Does the manga have anything else to offer? Oh, hell yes! What I love about this story is watching Ava go all-in on Matthew – she gets honey after consuming her prey – putting him in a position I’d desperately want to switch places with. Under her erotic spell, Matthew is devoured by Ava and her gorgeous Milf body and we get to watch the whole thing completely uncensored. (As a side note, uncensored content is one of the great things about WaifuSplit’s output.) We’ve got a front seat of the action and ladies and gents, that action is hot. Ava is a demon woman who knows what she wants and takes complete control of the situation, grabbing Matthew’s endowed package and shoving it where she wants it most. 

Avalos offers a fun and simple story that surprises the reader with an aggressive sexual partner. It’s really hot seeing a woman like Ava take charge and she is so good at what she does – even when Matthew suffers a bit of sexual humiliation. The real star of the show, though, is the phenomenally sexy artwork from Ryopie. The ways in which Ava is drawn during the sex scenes exhibit a talent that feels right at home with some of the greats of the genre. Had I not known the source, I would have guessed the work came from one of Japan’s many hentai publishers. But because this is the work of an independent artist, the reader is gifted with the finest, unhindered views of Ava’s hot bod (and Matthew’s massive member of that’s your thing!). Ryopie does an amazing job capturing movement and action in each panel that shows off Ava’s generous body. One scene, in particular, has now been burned in my memory: Ava lying her arched back on Matthew’s chest as he explodes into her, her body tight and taught from the sudden blast of cum inside her womanly bits. It’s such a remarkable piece of erotic art. Whew!

Image source: Avalos

Avalos is a thoroughly enjoyable read and a great litmus test of WaifuSplit’s creative output. If the rest of their work is as good as this, then you should really be keeping an eye on them. 

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