Attack on Moe H – Eroge Review

Hey pervs! It’s been a while… I took a little hiatus but I’m BACK! So is the site which came back on Monday! We’re back baby!!!! OOOOOOOH YEAH!!! 

OK… OK… That’s enough excitement for one sentence. I went overboard and I’m sorry. 

 Let’s get to the brass tax of this blog post. Today I am here top review Attack on Moe H which is a free to play clicker game by our friends at Nutaku. 

So you start out as this tiny dude who is fighting giant monsters and giant girls! You do damage to this monsters by… you guessed it… clicking! Want to ease up on that sweet sweet stroking action? Then you are going to need some heroes.

When you have heroes they automatically do damage even when you’re not playing. You have to be careful though… your heroes can be killed! It costs gems to bring them back to life but that can be a hefty fine so I suggest forking up the 100 gems a day to make your heroes immune for 24 hours. 

You can also use power ups to bring down especially hard bosses and even earn some extra dough. 

Now… let’s get to the good part. The BEST part of this game is collecting sexy 2D women. As you progress through the game you will hit certain level milestones and on those milestones you will collect hot ladies like this one… the Wan-Wan Kabold! 

When you first get them they are clothed and you have to raise your intimacy to get them naked! You raise the intimacy by clicking them and by completing tasks in the game. 

The further you get with this ladies the spicier things get and soon you can cover them in your sweet release… I mean white gooey pixels. Yeah. Thaaaat’s it. So far I have only fully unlocked one babe because let’s face it she’s a witch and we all know I’m a witch and therefor I love witches. She is also a premium character you have to buy with Nutaku gold so I made the plunge on both her and the sexy Earth spirit! 

Admit it. Crow Witch is bae. 

The object of this game is to tap like a maddest tapper ever and get as high as you can in the levels and then resurrect your character in exchange for special crystals. You can use these to buy even cooler powers so hopefully you can get further next time. The girls you collect also give you passive power ups so make sure you are leveling them up! 

The game is actually a lot more fun than I expected. I had recently wrote about Taps of Eradine on the Nutaku blog (yo click that link to read it!) and that game was super fun but this one is so much more fun and has a lot more lewd. I’ve become so addicted to this game that this article is 12 hours late because I could not stop playing it! I highly recommend it and you don’t need to pay to play at all! I’ve gotten as far as I have without spending money. The only two things I spent paid currency on were the two hot babes I got with Nutaku Gold. This game makes it pretty easy to earn plenty of gems for power ups and the hero shield (Seriously! Do that! It’s so worth!)

I hope you enjoyed this review. I would love to more! Want to see me review a game? Tweet us and let us know which one or leave it below in the comments. Also if you’re playing Attack on Moe H let me know who your favorite girl is. Mine currently is the Crow Witch but I see some spoopy ghost girl up in there that I really want to get my mouse on. 

Click here to check out the game!

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