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We’re back with another edition of Portable Hentai, the article series where we highlight the pocket-sized women of mobile games! This week we’re featuring a very popular character who came from the brilliant mind of Kinoko Nasu… with a bit of help from history.

Artist: ななひめ

Artoria Pendragon, sometimes called by her class Saber, first appeared in the visual novel Fate/Stay Night, but of course when Type-Moon decided to make a mobile game they had to put her in it! Saber is one of the leading women of the Fate franchise, and in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order she continues to steal the show.

Artist: 0

Saber is loosely based off the legend of King Arthur. She was a legendary king that brought an era of peace and prosperity to Britain. Wielding the powerful sword Excalibur, she lead the Knights of the Round Table in repelling outside threats and guarding the safety of Britain as its king.

Artist: へら

Like many Servants in the Fate series, Saber had a tragic end; her legitimate child, Mordred, rebelled against her rule and split the Knights of the Round Table in two. She was mortally wounded in her final fight against Mordred, signalling the end of the age of knights. 

Artist: FUYA

Saber is so popular that she has countless variations of her! The character Artoria Pendragon herself can be summoned in Fate/Grand Order as not only a Saber class servant, but a Lancer and Archer (summer themed wielding a squirt gun!) as well! There are also many characters who look just like her – the phenomenon known as saberface. Even Mordred, another Saber class servant, can easily be mistaken for her own mother if you don’t know what to look for!

Artist: すかいれーだー

The great thing about there being so many versions of her in a gatcha game like Fate/Grand Order is that your chances of pulling her are higher the more of her there is! If you want a chance to call her as your servant, you can summon her in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order, available for both iPhone and Android!

Artist: とこのね

Artist: ぎゅうにゅー

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