MuHut’s Monster Hunter Monster Girls

Instead of a traditional Game Girls post this week, we’re doing an artist spotlight featuring some of the best monster girls out there!

If you read our Game Girls featuring the sexy Monster Hunter, it should be no surprise that some of us at Hentai HQ have the Monster Hunter fever! It’s a difficult game that rewards you for learning and improving, but it also has such a vibrant world full of incredible monster designs! Each monster you encounter feels really unique and has a lot of character and personality. Of course, this has lead us to wonder over the years why there hasn’t been more art merging our two loves – Monster Hunter and monster girls! Recently, though, it felt like the clouds parted and an incredibly talented artist has gifted us with exactly that!

MuHut (pixiv page / deviantart page) seems to have been in a drawing frenzy since Monster Hunter World launched and has been creating his own interpretation of the monsters from Monster Hunter as monster girls. What we really love about his art is that he really draws from the monsters’ design and personality when making them into monster girls.

We’ve selected some of our favorites below to feature, and if you like his art as much as we do be sure to check out his pages for more!

The Kulu-Ya-Ku is usually more interested in stealing other monsters’ eggs for a tasty meal than she is in fighting you.


The Pukei-Pukei sure loves to beat you around with that over-sized tongue of her’s, and watch out for her deadly poison!


The Great Jagras is a queen of vore – she can often be seen swallowing another monster whole. Her expression while she smacks her lips is killer!


The Jyuratodus loves to roll around and play in the mud. She looks like she’s ready for some messy fun!


The Anjanath is the first big hurdle many new hunters encounter, and she definitely evokes that ‘big boss’ feel! Her signature crest is incorporated really well into her design.


Tzitzi-Ya-Ku loves nothing more than to run into a group of people and flash them! She’s a total exhibitionist.


This Great Girros is really reminiscent of Urabe from Mysterious Girlfriend X, albeit with 100% more paralytic saliva!


Rathalos (red) is typically the king to Rathian’s (green) queen, but we have no problems with this dual matriarchy!


Lavasioth erupts onto the scene! The way she looks like she’s exploding out of the lava, ready to dish out some pain, is phenomenal!


As the last story monster, Xeno’jiiva has this alien and otherworldly feel to her that MuHut absolutely nailed.  


MuHut (pixiv page / deviantart page) really did some incredible work. We’d love to see some of the older monsters like Zinogre turned into monster girls as well! What monster would you want to see transformed?

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