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We’re back with another edition of Portable Hentai, the article series where we highlight the pocket-sized women of mobile games! This week we’re featuring a character from one of the top grossing mobile games in Japan. If you like card games and elves, this game might be for you!

Artist: あすた

Meet Arisa, one of the key characters of the digital card game Shadowverse. Published by Cygames, the same publisher of Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse takes the Hearthstone formula and injects a healthy dose of anime and new mechanics into it.

Artist: あきお

The decks you can play in Shadowverse each have a key character attached to them. Our featured girl, Arisa, is the key character of the Forestcraft deck type.

Artist: 文夫

A lot of Forestcraft gameplay revolve around rushing the opponent down with lots of low cost cards and they all follow the forest theme. Archers, elves, fairies, and more are all a part of Forestcraft!

Artist: Sanfu(산푸)

Arisa, voiced by Kana Yuuki, was trained as a guardian of the forests. After her friend was kidnapped, she went on an adventure to find her. She has a very bright personality and is friendly to most she encounters. She has a very stereotypical elf design, but that’s not a bad thing for those of us who love our pointy-eared women!

Artist: 新屋敷

If you like Arisa, you’re in luck! There’s no gatcha involved in playing his cute elf. All of the characters in Shadowverse represent their deck types, so you can play as her right off the bat! In fact, she’s even a part of the tutorial for the game! Check Arisa and Shadowverse out now – it’s available for iOS, Android, and even Steam!

Artist: ダイアル


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