Arachne – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art.


Habitat: Caves, forests

Nature: Aggressive, violent, and lustful

Diet: Carnivorous 

Quick Facts:

  • Arachne spin webs that can serve as both their home and as a trap for unsuspecting prey!
  • Once a man is captured in her web, the arachne wraps him up in more webbing and begins having sex with him.
  • Arachne have a cruel side to them evoked by their prey’s pleasure. The more pleasure they feel, the more the arachne forces herself upon him!
  • If the arachne really likes their prey, she will wrap him up even more and permanently bind him to her web.
  • Arachne are quite gifted at sewing, and will give men gifts of clothing to claim them permanently for themselves.

Source: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1

Would you accept a spidersilk sweater sewn by an arachne? I sure would! Enjoy some choice arachne selected for your viewing pleasure below!



Artist: Dunceney

Artist: L.A.T

Artist: 0Lightsource

Artist: BlackSaikou

Artist: イマアニ

Artist: ZaftigBunnyPress

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