A Pleasure Front from the North!? – Hentai Manga Review

A kind senpai showing a new girl the ropes – you know what this scenario leads to! This week we’re reviewing A Pleasure Front from the North!? by Ooyama Kina!

This manga is set in a pretty unique setting – a weather station! Akiyama has been guiding his cute new coworker, Shimozuki, and giving her help as she learns the ropes at her new job. He offhandedly mentions to her that he has a home theater set up at home, and discovers that she’s a movie buff and wants to see it! Of course – that’s not all she wants to see, as it turns out Shimozuki has been crushing on her senpai pretty hard. She gets drunk at his home and after drunkenly stumbling onto him, cleavage straight into his face, comes onto him hard and reveals her affection for him!


A Pleasure Front from the North!? is a cute vanilla hentai manga that’s sure to make you feel good after reading it. Shimozuki is a really cute raven-haired girl with oppai for days, and if you have a thing for women in a skirt and a button-up then you really need to read this manga ASAP! The sex scenes are all very cleanly drawn and there aren’t any surprise fetishes here, but the setting-related weather and b-movie jokes are genuinely funny and help carry the story to its sexy conclusion. 


If you have a Fakku premium membership, you should head over to A Pleasure Front from the North!? right now and give it a read!

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