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Habitat: Desert ruins

Nature: Honest, stubborn

Diet: Omnivorous, prefers meat

Quick Facts:

  • Anubis are intellectual guardians of sleeping pharaohs, commanding legions of mummy soldiers from the ruins’ interior to aid in their task.
  • Men that catch their eyes are brought back to their homes to be made their permanent husbands!
  • Anubis are very controlling by nature and will attempt to control everything their husbands do, from their activities to their diet!
  • If you’re captured by an Anubis, make sure to follow her commands or she may curse you with the sensitivity of a mummy and fuck you until you pass you!
  • Women encountered by an Anubis will be cursed with the same curse, except it will completely turn the woman into a mummy slave!
  • Anubis can lose control of themselves if attacked unexpectedly. If this happens, they’ll revert to their beastial nature and become unable to think of anything but sex with their intruder and won’t be satisfied until they have their way with him!
  • While Anubis may appear rational and intellectual, an Anubis who’s lost control of herself and become a sex-seeking nymphomaniac are closer to their true nature than any other time.

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Anubis are the perfect mate for someone who has a hard time making decisions. Would you want to be this woman’s pet?


Artist: Haarmades

Artist: プロペラ

Artist: lilirulu

Artist: Zophia

Artist: Monorus

Artist: カイント



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