It’s Our Birthday!

On this day (3/16) one year ago this humble site was founded. I can’t believe we are already one year old! (Only 17 more years until the site is old enough to watch hentai… haha jk)

Over the past year our site has grown so much and that is thanks to all of you! We are so grateful that you are all here and you let your hentai flag fly free. 

Our original mission statement was to be a site by women who love hentai for women who love hentai. While we still stand by the mission to normalize the hentai fandom for our fellow women we’ve come to interact with some seriously rad dudes and non-binary people. We’ve built such a diverse and beautiful community of respectful people it floors me. So I think we should adjust our mission statement a little… Our mission is to normalize the love of hentai for all! 💖

As we move into the next year of our existence I want to hear from you! What type of content do you want to see come back or be more prevalent on the site? Vote in the poll below or let us know directly! 

I know I post about her a lot but I also want to give a huge shout out to the designer of Umi XMegantronX! She designed Umi and her adorable octopus sidekick Tenti from scratch and I couldn’t dream of a better mascot! We hope to see Umi make a lot more appearances in the years to come but until then… Here are the illustrations XMegantronX has made so far.

OK… OK… enough of me being sentimental… from the bottom of my heart I thank you for being apart of our community! Please stay in touch with us via the networks below!



If you’d like to support the growth of our site please consider buying us a kofi! 

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