Doing it with Ann the Demon – Hentai Manga Review

It’s time for another Halloween special hentai manga review! This week we’re looking at the amazing Doing it with Ann the Demon by Mafuyu Hemp Hentai!

There are stories about finding a wish-granting genie in a bottle, but how about finding a sexy demon in an erotic book by the riverbank!? Our protagonist is shocked when Ann comes out of the book and offers him any wish he’d want – of course, we know where this is going. Not a few pages later he asks to suck her nipples, much to her shock, and it only gets naughtier from there! It turns out Ann is a virgin that in three-thousand years has never offered anyone her virginity, believing it to be for the person she loves. It turns out even demons worry about things like that! She and our protagonist become enamored with each other after a sex-filled night and he asks for his wish to turn her into a human so they can stay together forever!

Doing it with Ann the Demon is a great light-hearted hentai that lands a few very well-told jokes and has amazingly drawn hentai scenes! If you’re a fan of x-ray images, the scenes of Ann getting fingered are absolutely heart-pumping. The toy scenes were hilarious and sexy all at the same time, too! Despite her overwhelmingly voluptuous design, Ann turning out to be truly innocent was a nice turn of events for the story, and the ending really wrapped everything up nicely.

Doing it with Ann the Demon can be read here with a Fakku subscription right now!

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