Android 18 – Rule 34

Last weekend was Mother’s Day so we held another battle of the MILFs! Android 18 won the vote with a landslide much like our previous winner Bulma. Looks like the DBZ gals are popular AF and I can’t blame any of you for voting for them. Below are some awesome illustrations featuring the sexy Android 18. Make sure to click the links below each image to check out the artist and more of their hot work! 


Artist: Afrobowl


Artist: Eliz-Chan


Artist: IZRA


Artist: MusyneXSK


Artist: libert


Artist: Cutesexyrobutts


Artist: boxmansstuff


Artist: BDOne


Our next article is going to get absolutely bonkers as we celebrate the women who are a bit off their rocker. Vote for your favorite psychotic woman in our Twitter pole below! 

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