Android 21 – Rule 34

Hey everyone! 

Today we are doing things a bit differently… I decided to not do a vote because I’m obsessed with lewding a certain character and I am now going to push that down your throat the best I can! This obsession is with the newest edition to the Dragon Ball universe… Android 21! Before we get started I want to clarify some controversy. Android 21 refers to herself as 10 years old… she is not a 10 year old! She was a grown woman with children when she was turned into an android. In other words… we have free license to lewd so let’s get started! 

Artist: Nanoless

Artist: Afrobull


Artist: Thirtyhelens


Artist: Torahime


Artist: Tofuubear


Artist: Jellcaps ゲルキャップ


Artist: SunJ


Artist: Maishida


Artist: ガッツ


Artist: kerikeri san 18+


Artist: GAO


I hope you enjoyed this rule 34 round up even though it was not based on a vote. Don’t worry we are back to our voting ways… Vote below via our Twitter poll for your favorite mecha girl!

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