An Ode to Panties


Soft cotton panties, sheer black panties, shimapan, pure white panties, floral print panties, hipster cut, hip huggers, g-strings, and thongs, wet panties, dry panties, panties big and small! I love panties!

Nowhere are panties more under-appreciated than in hentai. Casually torn off by demons, cut by ugly bastards just to get to what’s beneath, the lack of appreciation for beautiful panties in hentai is criminal! So many people who just want to get to what’s beneath and not enough appreciation for the anticipation, the excitement of seeing a peek, then imagining what’s beneath.

So, I Fionna Fox lover of pantsu of all kinds, am here to present you with just a few of my favorite panties focused hentai images.

We begin with the all-time classic, the anime OG the one you know and love, the shimapan. This striped panty has become an iconic anime fixture.

Here was have a great example of the primary color shimpan, a light pinkish red striped panty sticks to the characters lines, and outlines her beautiful pussy lips and round full ass.

Artist: ふじりん

Sometimes you don’t even need a whole girl just the panties like in this fantastic image, look at that thigh gap!

Artist: DD

I love when an artist can tell a story with just a few images like this one! Look at Takane’s face. Imagine her surprise as you sneak a peak at her blue striped panties

Artist: ふじりん

Next we move in to the realm of the gods, the pure white cotton panty. Emblematic of innocence, purity, and sexual ignorance. White panties are always classic.

Observe this battleship of the Colorado class clad in a bikini style bra with a pair of hip hugger white cotton panties with a tasteful black bow. Imagine gently removing them as she shields her blushing face, to find the treasures beneath.

Artist: なってん

Poor Nino has fallen down! And oh no her skirt has ridden up to reveal her shockingly white cotton panties! White panties, I find are the second best for images like these, where your aim is to show an embarrassed character who is exposed for the world to see.

Artist: 二三三

For our final white panties image, I present Silvia of Gran Blue Fatasy. She’s taking things to the next level, showing off her white panties for everyone to see. Her panties may be innocent but it’s clear she isn’t.

An honorable mention also goes to this image from artist Kantoku, featuring a girl stripping of her sheer stockings, to revel the pur white panties beneath. These types of images always get me going with their sexy strip tease aesthetics.

Artist: カントク

Next we  move on to the black section. Black panties are often see through and make for an exciting image where little is left to your imagination.

In this image from artist Manme, we see our green haired maid showing off some new maids tools she just got, lifting the hem of her skirt to reveal what’s beneath.

Artist: MANME

Next I am going to cheat just a little to drop in one of my all time favorite images. This iconic footjob pic by Kureha. I love how the stockings hug the white panties beneath the skirt, and the look in Tsubasa’s eyes as she goes to touch you with her stocking clad foot.

Artist: クレハ

Sometimes contrast is whats best, as in this image of Nakano Miku and Nakano Nino! Both recumbent and ready to be ravaged the contrast between their white and black panties is just the best!

Finally we reach my favorite category, the wet panties, the rarest of rare species, beloved are the artists who depict a pretty girl in a paid of sex-juice slicked panties, ready and waiting.

First up is this image from PrPr Friends, I love the unusual shade of panties and the juices dripping out the side.

Artist: PrPr Friends

Lastly, an honorable mention to my friends in to a little bondage, Kawase Seiki brings us this beautiful image of a bound Suguha awaiting our touch, her pussy putting of heat and her panties becoming soaked!

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