Albedo – Rule 34

Are you ready to get horny? Well we have the perfect rule 34 for you today! Albedo has some MASSIVE horns! Just saying… Are you ready for her to be the guardian of your pleasure this week? Check out the spicy images below and make sure to check out and follow each featured artist! 


Artist: 342


Artist: Studio Oppai


Artist: γγ‚‹γ™(ζ₯須眠)


Artist: Lasterk


Artist: Koala_Kun


Artist: Maru


Artist: ζ¨Ήε΄Žη₯ι‡Œ


Artist: Maemi


Artist: ζ₯΅ζ₯½ζ΅„子


Artist: Kimoshi


Artist: γ‚„まっけ


Artist: ι‡ι‡‘紳士


This upcoming week are celebrating E3 so make sure you vote for your favorite game gal below!


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