Akeno – Rule 34 Round Up

We’ve already covered Rias in a rule 34 article and you have spoken up to feature her BFF Akeno so here we are… Highschool DxD is an ecchi title that is just about a hentai so it’s easy to find plenty official images of Akeno being sexy AF! 


Alright let’s get to the original fan art fun which can be even more racy than the anime itself! Make sure to check out all the artist’s sites! 

Artist: アルクフィールド


Artist: 十八番


Artist: 織原紺


Artist: シクタ丸


Artist: 萌木雄太■お仕事募集中


Artist: むねさん


Artist: Kerinoss


Keeping up with our Halloween theme our next vote revolves around monster girls! Vote on your favorite character below!

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