Akagi – Game Girls

On Fridays we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. Welcome to Game Girls! This week we’re feeling foxy, so we decided to highlight a character from a game with a recent US release, Azur Lane!

Name: Akagi

Game: Azur Lane

Game Type: Mobile/Gacha/Strategy RPG

Occupation: Aircraft Carrier

Personality: Y A N D E R E 

Likes: The Commander, her sisters, torturing people grinding for her in the fox mines 

Dislikes: People who hurt her Commander

Fun Fact #1: Akagi has a line referring to “Five Minutes of Fate” – this is a homage to the Five Minutes that turned the Pacific War when Akagi and her fellow ships were sunk at the Midway



 Artist: R N r r

Artist: キルが

Artist: 望津城

 Artist: 風牙

 Artist: べ

Artist: お手元

 Artist: 和砂糖

Artist: GGGG

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