100th Post! Special Announcement!

Hey everyone! 

I can’t believe this is our 100th post! Thank you so much for supporting us and being apart of this crazy journey! We’ve seen so much growth in traffic over the last few months which we hope means… we’re doing something right! We also love how active you guys have been on our social media! We love seeing your responses! 

We have a special announcement today and some house cleaning topics! Let’s start with the special announcement! 

*drum roll*


Name: Umi Majo but you can call her Umichan!

DOB: 3/16

Blood Type: B 

See that pink little dude?! That’s her side kick Tenti! 

Our mascot was created by the uber talented XMegantronX! She had loads of ideas of different mascots we could do! Want to see them? Follow her on the platforms below. 



Hentai Foundry


Deviant Art

We hope you enjoy our new mascot and we are sure happy to see her join the Hentai HQ family! 

Now… for some house keeping information… 

A couple of you have been asking about the podcast. Unfortunately I do not have resources to keep it going at this time so I will have to put it on hiatus. I want to make sure we are able to consistently deliver the podcast before we start it up again.

Also at this time the website is much more popular than the podcast so I want to focus my efforts on growing this site. ^-^ 

I hope there comes a time when I am able to make this site my full time job and I am able to do the podcast again. While working a full time job and doing this site I really have to pick and choose what to focus my efforts on. I hope you understand! 

One more thing… 

Starting this week we will be posting daily blog posts! You can expect posts from us Sunday – Saturday! Yay! The glossary update posts will be moved to Sundays from now on to make more room during the week for more interesting posts!

I sincerely hope you enjoy our future content and hang around for hundreds more posts!