Yrel – Game Girls

Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. Welcome to Game Girls! This week we’re featuring the blue-skinned beauty from World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, Yrel!

Name: Yrel

Game: World of Warcraft

Game Type: MMORPG

Occupation: Paladin

Strengths: Wielding a giant hammer made out of crystal, last-minute dunking with the power of the Light 

Weaknesses: Somewhat naive, getting stunned while she’s charging her attacks

Fun Fact: Prophet Velen, her mentor, sensed a dark secret lingering in Yrel back in the Warlord of Draenor expansion that a lot of people discounted, but it looks like we’re going to explore this secret in the upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion. Yrel may have gotten a little fanatical about the Light in our absence.

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